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Single treatment £299
Packages also available, call for more information

​​Additional information:
Repeat procedures. 

It can take between 4 – 8 weeks before visible signs of skin regeneration are seen and the process will continue over the following months, providing a gradual enhancement. 

A single treatment can produce noticeable results, however a programme of 2 – 5 treatments is often recommended to achieve optimum results, in conjunction with an at-home regime. 

The specific number of sessions required will depend on the area being treated and the severity of the indication, as well as the level of natural response from the individual’s body.
Recovery time.

Recovery may take 24 hours or up to a few days; most people should however be able to return to work the following day. Recovery time depends on the aggressiveness of the treatment, i.e. the length of needles used.

Does it hurt and what could go wrong?

Pain should be minimal due to the application of the topical anaesthetic; however you may still feel some discomfort. Depending on the area of your face or body being treated and the type of device used, (i.e. needle length) the procedure is said to be well tolerated and in some cases virtually painless.

The skin will be pink or red in appearance for a couple of hours following medical skin needling treatment, much like a sunburn, depending on the aggressiveness of the procedure. The skin may also feel warm, tight and itchy for a short while. This should normally resolve in 12 - 48 hours. 

Side effects or risks are minimal with this type of treatment and typically include minor flaking or dryness of the skin, with scab formation in rare cases. Milia (small white spots) may also form on the skin which can be removed by the practitioner. Hyperpigmentation (darkening of certain areas of the skin) can occur very rarely and usually resolves after a month. If you have a history of cold sores, this could possibly flare up after treatment.

Post-treatment advice and prescribed skin care by Jolanta will be given during consultation.

Post-treatment advice may include:

  • Not touching the treated area to avoid infections.
  • Not applying conventional make-up products to the skin for the first 12 hours following the treatment.
  • Applying only prescribed skincare products given to you by Jolanta according to the regime specifically designed for you.
  • Applying a broad spectrum sunscreen product with a high SPF immediately after treatment (before leaving the clinic) and when going outside.

Medical Skin Needling, also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and Micro-Needling is aimed at stimulating the body’s own collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, skin laxity and scarring such as that caused by acne or chickenpox. It has also been successfully applied to the indication of hair restoration in cases of alopecia.

The treatment introduces a series of fine, sharp needles into the skin. This damage encourages the body to produce new collagen and elastin which generate new skin cells.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

and Micro-Needling

What happens during the treatment?

A medical history should be taken to make sure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t undertake treatment. You may be asked to read detailed information and sign a consent form which means that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure. Photographs may also be taken by the practitioner for a "before and after" comparison at a later date.

Medical Skin Needling